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Frequently Ask Questions

Will I be charged? How free is "free"?

Free means free, but not forever. Your free trial is free for 30 days, after which time your paid subscription will begin (according to the plan level and billing cycle selected when you signed up). If however, you cancel before the trial period is over, you won’t be charged a single dollar. That means there are absolutely no Ability8 costs or Ability8 fees for your first 30 days.

How can I start my free trial?

Click on ‘Start Your Free Trial’ button which will take you to your account setup. Enter your information (including credit card info.) and choose a plan, then you’ll instantly gain access to the Ability8 platform where you can start using the app to help on your disability journey.

Click here to start your free trial!

How do I login to the forum section

Select the “Forum” button above.

Why provide my credit card or PayPal details?

We ask for your credit card or PayPal information 1) to prevent fraud and 2) so that you don’t experience any interruption in your subscription in the case that you decide to continue using the Ability8 platform after your free (30-day) trial is over.

How do I cancel my trial before it ends?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but you can cancel your recurring subscription at any time from within your account, just go to your menu item “Settings” and click “License,” then the “Deactivate Account” button in top right corner.

What do I get with a free trial of Ability8?

You’ll enjoy free, unlimited access to all the tools and features associated with your chosen Ability8 plan and will experience (in full) how our platform can help you.

What happens when my Ability8 trial ends?

After your 30-days are up, you’ll become a paid subscriber to the Ability8 plan that you selected when registering for your free trial. Charges will vary according to the plan level and billing cycle you choose.

Can I sign up for another trial with a different email?

Technically, yes—but it’s not an ideal way to do it. The content and pages you create within one account are private & exclusive to that account—so it’s not something we recommend. Otherwise, the answer is yes: every fresh email is eligible for a fresh free trial! (So go tell all your friends!)